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School uniform is an integral part of life at Queen Mary’s High School, and the way in which it is worn demonstrates respect for both the school community and the individual. It creates a shared identity which celebrates the school, its history, its future and everyone’s role within it.

This is a complete list of Queen Mary’s High School uniform and no other external items of clothing can be worn to school. All items of clothing must be labelled with the student’s name.

The school’s official supplier is Clive Mark in Walsall, and items can also be purchased from their website.

Compulsory Uniform for Years 7 to 11

  • Blazer, jumper, skirt, blouse and trousers must be purchased from Clive Mark, our official school supplier.
  • QMHS black blazer with school badge on the lapel
  • QMHS bottle green jumper with school motif
  • Knee-length QMHS plain, pleated bottle green skirt, or
  • QMHS black trousers with Tudor rose motif; narrow-leg trousers are not permissible, and the regulation school trousers are 44cm around the ankle. Trousers worn beneath knee length skirts are permissible for religious reasons
  • QMHS light green blouse, either long or short sleeved; a plain white tee shirt may be worn under the blouse in very cold weather
  • Tights: plain black or flesh-coloured (leggings are not permitted), or
  • Socks: plain white or black ankle or knee length; ankle socks are socks which cover the ankle bone, trainer socks are not permitted
  • Shoes: black leather or leather-look; fully enclosed with a wide low heel. Trainer-type shoes, and boots are not permitted; however, boots may be worn in snowy conditions (NB. A boot is anything fitting on or above the ankle bone.) Footwear should not have a contrasting coloured logo, trim or sole.

Optional Uniform and General Appearance for Years 7 to 13

  • Outdoor coat: plain black and long enough to cover the blazer. Slogans/motifs are not permissible; leather, denim or fur are not permissible materials. Hoodies are not part of school uniform and should not be worn, either over or under the blazer or in place of the blazer.
  • Scarf, gloves and hat: plain black with no slogans or motifs.
  • Outdoor garments may only be worn outside the buildings.
  • Hijab: plain black
  • Jewellery: the only items of jewellery permitted are
    • a plain wrist watch
    • a religious symbol on a chain worn under the blouse
    • one small plain ring
    • a Medic-alert or SOS bracelet or chain
    • one small pair of stud earrings, one earring in each earlobe
    • one small nose stud.
  • Hair should be natural in colour.
  • Make-up should only include natural-looking foundation and black or brown mascara. The general principle is ‘discreet’.
  • Nails should be short, practical and natural in appearance.

Sixth Form Dress Code

All members of our school need to be presented smartly to maintain the excellent reputation of Queen Mary’s High School. Sixth form students are seen as role models and help to set the expected high standard for our younger students.

 All sixth form students are expected to wear the Sixth Form school uniform, which may be purchased directly from Clive Mark located in Park Street, Walsall. The uniform consists of

  • green and white striped, or white, blouse or a white shirt
  • green tie with the school logo
  • grey suit jacket, paired with the matching straight grey skirt, long skirt, or trousers
  • optional grey V-necked jumper
  • dark coloured winter coat (not denim or leather)

Non-Uniform Days

On non-uniform days, students should wear smart casual clothes which are both appropriate and practical for a school environment.

Second Hand Uniform

The school welcomes donations of pre-loved school uniform which is clean and in good condition.

We run a second hand uniform shop. Please contact the school reception for further details.