Compulsory uniform:

Blazer, jumper, skirt, blouse and trousers are available from our Supplier Clive Marks, please click the link below for more information.

Walsall New School Uniform Provider

  • QMHS blazer – black with school badge on the lapel. Compulsory for all girls in years 7-11
  • QMHS jumper – bottle green with school motif. Not to be tucked into skirt/to be worn outside the skirt.
  • QMHS skirt – plain, pleated bottle green (N.B. Skirt must be no shorter than just above the knee)


  • QMHS trousers – black with Tudor rose motif. Narrow-leg trousers are not permissible. The regulation school trousers are 44cm around the ankle. (Trousers worn beneath knee length skirts are permissible for religious reasons)
  • QMHS blouse – light green; long or short sleeved. This must be worn tucked into the skirt or trousers unless otherwise directed. (A plain white tee shirt may be worn under the blouse in very cold weather.)
  • Tights – plain black or flesh-coloured. Leggings are not permitted.


  • Socks – plain white or black ankle or knee length. Ankle socks are socks which cover the ankle bone. Trainer socks are not permitted.
  • Shoes – black, sturdy, leather or leather –look; fully enclosed with a wide low heel. No trainer –type shoes (eg: Converse), Canvas shoes, sandals, sling backs, peep-toes, stiletto heels or boots are not permitted. However, boots may be worn in snowy conditions (N.B. A boot is anything fitting on or above the ankle bone.). Footwear should not have a contrasting coloured logo, trim or sole. Further information is available on the school website.

Optional uniform:

  • Outdoor coat – plain black. Long enough to cover the blazer. Slogans/motifs are not permissible.  Leather, denim or fur are not permissible materials.  Hoodies are not part of school uniform and should not be worn at all, either over or under the blazer.
  • Scarf, gloves and hat – plain black with no slogans or motifs. NB. Outdoor garments may only be worn outside the buildings.
  • Hijab – plain black
  • Jewellery – the only items of jewellery permitted are:
  • A plain wrist watch
  • A religious symbol on a chain worn under the blouse
  • One small plain ring
  • A Medic-alert or SOS bracelet or chain
  • One small pair of stud earrings, one earring in each earlobe. There should be no jewellery anywhere else on the ears or the face.
  • Small hair ornaments are allowed (eg: slides, bobbles, scrunchies or hair bands). They must be plain black or bottle green. No beadings or wraps in the hair are permissible.
  • Hair should be all one colour. It should not be an unnatural colour (eg: green, purple, blue, pink etc).
  • Badges – a maximum of 5 small, discreet, school related badges may be worn on the blazer lapel.
  • Make-up (years 7-11) – natural-looking foundation and black or brown mascara. The general principle is ‘discreet’.
  • Nail varnish should be clear. No false nails are permitted.

This is a complete list of Queen Mary’s High School uniform and no other external items of clothing can be worn to school. 

Any student who does not comply with the uniform rules is at risk of being excluded from lessons until the situation has been resolved.


Students organise these at various times during the year in consultation with a member of SLT.  Money raised is sent to a wide variety of charitable organisations.  They are very popular and well supported.  In order to ensure full regard is taken of health & safety issues as well as the image of the school the following guidelines must be followed:-

  • No skirts shorter than the midpoint between the top of the leg (base of buttocks) and the back of the knee.
  • No bare midriffs.
  • No off the shoulder or string strap tops.
  • No low décolletage – i.e. no visible cleavage.
  • No fishnet or purposely holed tights.
  • No ripped or holed jeans or trousers.
  • No piercings other than ears.
  • No short shorts (hot pants style).
  • No dangerous jewellery e.g. long chains especially if attached to wrists or ankles as well as round neck, necklaces or bracelets with spikes etc.

The description “smart casual” sums up the style of dress acceptable on non-uniform days.

(P.E. Uniform will be checked by P.E. Staff)

N.B.  All items of clothing must be named