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Welcome to Physics

Curriculum area intent & rationale/department introduction

Physics at Queen Mary’s High School will build upon our students’ primary education. We explore the fundamental concepts of energy, force and waves in the early years then as they enter the GCSE program we delve deeper and branch off into related areas. This provide a strong base for the student to then be confident to explore Physics further in our sixth form. Students study a curriculum that uses Pearson’s Edexcel Exploring Science program in our foundation years before then going on to study the Edexcel GCSE 9-1 curriculum at key stage 4. We then go on to the AQA Advance Level Physics program for sixth form studies.

Physics is taught to all years by a specialist. Students will study in one of two well appointed Physics laboratories. The school has 5 in total and access to science specific classrooms. The whole of the science team are highly qualified teachers who are great ambassadors for their subjects. Every member of staff shares a passion for their subject and has a desire to ensure that students at Queen Mary’s High School receive the very best in education to facilitate the very best outcomes for every individual.

Aims and values of the department

The Queen Mary’s High School Physics department has experience of teaching highly able school students across the decades. Along with this it is receptive to new ideas and encourages new members of staff to share in the collective passion for the study of Physics. As a team we share the common goal in igniting a passion for Physics so that our students will not only go on to be successful but will have a better understanding of how natural phenomena in the world work.

Where next? Links to careers

Physics provides an amazing base for your further studies or career path. It uses great mathematical acumen mixed with analytical skills. So Physics can support you from working in medicine, finance, architecture, engineering to being an astronaut! Great advice can be found at https://www.iop.org/careers-physics or The EDT - https://www.etrust.org.uk/ .

Suggested reading/curriculum enhancement

Any young enthusiast who wants to know more could immerse themselves in great reads like:

  • Stephen Hawkings – A Brief History of Time.
  • The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!
  • Carl Sagan - Cosmos.
  • Rachel Ignotofsky' - Women in Science.

Trips & visits

The Physics Department is keen to contextualise learning beying the classroom and offers a range of trips and visits including; The Big Bang Fair, Alton Towers, Physics of rollercoasters day, IOP Physics lectures at the University of Birmingham, GCSE/A-Level Science Live, The National Space Centre, Centre for Alternative Technology and Jodrell Bank Centre for Engagement.

Department staffing

  • Mr C Hinks (Subject Leader)

  • Mr. S Gu

  • Mrs Glazewska

  • Mrs Plaha

  • Mr W Lee

How can parents help?

Parents are the vital link that allows for perfect triangulation. Together we can navigate to success. Parents can regularly check in with what students are doing, respond to any departmental reporting and always contact school at the earliest opportunity should you require any support with your child’s education and progress.