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To one of life’s kind, calm and considerate individuals who did not feel the need to publicise such generosity. A dedicated teacher and helpful colleague. Taken, unfairly, far too soon.

Sleep tight Doris.  – M Appleton

When I came to QM in 1982 I think Doris was already there as a Peripatetic Guitar teacher. As time went on she became an extremely valued colleague in the Modern Languages Department. However things changed and became more complicated, Doris was always on top of things. She lived for her students and went way above and beyond to make sure her girls were properly prepared for their exams. Doris was a very special person and was loved by all who knew her. – A Arnold

 I am very saddened by the news of Miss Post’s passing. I have fond and treasured memories of her as an excellent teacher and influence in my early life. If she hadn’t taught us/me Spanish (I distinctly and fondly remember her singing with her guitar to teach us the Spanish alphabet in Year 7), I wouldn’t have gone to Spain for my Erasmus year at University. If I hadn’t gone to Spain, I wouldn’t have gained the confidence and sense of adventure to go to Japan to work and live for several years, which enriched my life tremendously. I remember crossing paths with Miss Post some years after I’d left QM on a long escalator deep in the underground network in Madrid and we couldn’t get off because we were going in different directions, but she would’ve known I was in Spain because she had taught me Spanish for those years at QM. We waved at each other, and I remember to this day the really, really warm smile she gave me.
Rest in Peace, dear Miss Post; you touched and enriched lives in ways you don’t even know. Un abrazo, Alice. – A May

I attended QM from 1993-2000 and Miss Post had not long joined the school at that point. She was such a vibrant, jolly, joyful teacher with a clear passion for teaching. I distinctly remember the joyous renditions of singing Happy Birthday in Spanish, with her playing on her guitar, and of seeing her bicycle parked up in the corridor outside her classroom. She was always smiling and laughing, bringing her lessons to life. Me taking GCSE Spanish was down to her good teaching and is a skill I still utilise today. The knowledge that she stayed at QM for the rest of her teaching career is testament to the strong community and spirit of the school and to her dedication to the profession. It is such a tragedy that she was not able to fully enjoy her hard-earned retirement. I hope her family and friends can take comfort in the legacy she has left behind and the difference she made to so many lives. Rest in peace, Miss Post. – S Cartwright

Miss Post was an inspiring teacher who certainly made an enormous difference to my life, as to that of many others.  I’m thinking of all her friends and colleagues at this sad time.

Miss Post really was a wonderful person and amazing teacher who was so kind and supportive to me whilst I was at QM.

I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of a wonderful colleague, Doris Post. Since my arrival at QM, Doris regularly offered me warm smiles, chipper ‘good mornings’ and always exuded such a positive energy in the staff room. I learnt of Doris’ many accomplishments over the years from fellow colleagues, as she was never one to make these widely known, and I was in awe of her skill, dedication and commitment to both academia and teaching. She will be sorely missed by us all and never forgotten. Rest in peace, Doris. – F Lindsay

Just a few words to tell you Miss Post that because of you, there is a superb German teacher inspiring kids in Walsall everyday, she is my best friend and she is where she is today because of you abandon your guidance both whilst she was at QM and long after she left. You made such a difference to so many and so many of us are so saddened by your loss, but what a wonderful difference you made to our lovely school and so many of us students. Lots of love – E Warren (1992-97)

My heart is heavy as I write this, I will never forget dreading your lessons every week when you would present us with the vocab tests but you did treat us with your amazing chocolate cake when we all got full marks which I guess made it kind of worth it!! Thank you for always pushing me to do my best, achieving the highest grade in German and creating a love and appreciation for learning languages. May your soul forever rest in peace – K Kular

You will always be missed. Your kindness and gentleness is something the world needs more of. I shall always remember your beautiful smile, your eagerness to enjoy life whilst appreciating everything and everyone around you. I’ll miss bumping into you in the arboretum and along the canals when walking my dog or with my family. However when I do the above you shall be in my thoughts.
Rest in peace and God bless your beautiful soul. – M Daniels

I am incredibly saddened to hear Doris Post passed away so suddenly and tragically. She taught me both GCSE German and Ancient Greek. She was a wonderful and amazing teacher with a loving heart, i know she will he hugely missed by all her former students and colleagues. – M Clayton

Doris was a kind, caring and generous person and I am heartbroken to hear of her passing. I feel incredibly privileged to have been taught by such a remarkable lady in my school days, such fond memories of her that I still recall to this day. She always spared time to say hello and have a chat, even when I was waiting for the bus on my own after school and on occasions after I had left QM. These kind gestures never failed to brighten my day and will always stay in my memory. Sending my condolences to her family during this time. – L Baker

This is awful news. What a kind, well-respected, talented and dedicated teacher Doris was.  I know that our girls thought extremely highly of her, as did her fellow staff.

 She had a great love of Greek theatre and Bach, but wore her great knowledge lightly-which was SO typical of Doris.  I will miss that beaming smile and remember fondly, time spent in her company. Doris was a fine woman and I send my deepest sympathies to her family and friends. – P Neale

I am so saddened to hear of the tragic passing of Miss Post. I attended the school between 2000 and 2007 and she taught me Spanish – a language I still love today. She was a kind and good natured individual dedicated to her students and I will remember her fondly. – K Crofts

Doris was a kind and caring colleague, always professional and had an infectious giggle.  I was lucky to work with Doris and she will be sadly missed.  You and your family will be in my thoughts, sending my deepest sympathies. – V Baker

Doris was one of the kindest and most considerate women I ever met. She always asked after family and she was unfailingly interested in what you were doing and how you were. She loved her garden and willingly shared plants and news about what was going on in her adored plot. She was an inspirational teacher, loyal and dedicated to her job. She was also entirely modest about her considerable achievements, preferring to keep them quiet rather than publicising them. She was enjoying her retirement adventures very much and it is a tragedy that this part of her life has been cut short in such a cruel way. I hope that her family and friends will be comforted by the words in these tributes which are reaffirming that Doris was a special soul. Rest peacefully, Doris.  – G Ralphs

When I first came to QM, Doris was always there to help me settle in, full of patience and kindness. Even after we all left the school, Doris kept in touch with the foreign language assistants and we would chat and meet regularly. She was enjoying her retirement so much, keeping busy with her many interests. Such a tragic loss. –N Benton

Your passion for Foreign Languages was contagious. I continued to study languages from A-Level, University and further into my career because of the love for them I had developed at QM.

Thank you for all the lessons you taught us; not just those in German but life lessons too.

May you rest in peace x

N Kendall (was Brookhouse) QM from 2004-2011

 am deeply saddened to hear of the tragedy that happened to my close colleague. I worked along side Doris Post from day one. She taught and shared so many things with me and is one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever come across. Always there for support and guidance.

She accompanied me on all of our trips to Spain, her dedication and enthusiasm was beyond belief.
All she ever wanted was the very best for every student that she taught and I feel privileged to have worked along side her.   
We will never forget you. Rest in peace Doris – C Richards Curry

I want to pass on my deepest condolences to Miss Post. She was a brilliant teacher who I have to thank for my ability to speak Spanish. I will always remember her for her bike which she loved dearly. Many sympathies to her family and friends. – A Ubhoo (former student 2000-2007)

Doris, already a very able linguist, joined my Two-year BEd teacher training course in the early 1990s. Her commitment, diligence and talent for teaching were evident from the start, yet she was humble enough to recognise all that she had to learn, and took great pleasure in new discoveries. In turn, I learned much from Doris: her attention to detail, her calmness in dealing with the pressures of professional training and her capacity for reflective practice were unique and exemplary.

In company with all those whose life Doris touched, I am failing to grasp how such a gentle and thoughtful person should lose her life in this brutal and mindless way. – L Cartwright (formerly Dunning)

Miss Post was a phenomenal languages teacher. She was incredibly dedicated and very inspirational. She has certainly influenced me; as a teacher of German and Spanish for the past 13 years, I often think of her and reflect on her unique teaching style. I’ll never forget when she played the guitar and we all sang along to an animals song she had created in Spanish, inviting us to write our own verses – I can still recite every word! My sincere condolences to her family and friends. She will never be forgotten. – L Godwin (class of 96)

Doris came to the Languages Department first as a student and then, as soon as her qualities were recognised, as a teacher. We were about to enter a testing stage of flux and Doris had a two-pronged approach to it. She was a stickler for following the rules yet had her own firm ideas of how things should be done. She managed both goals with dexterity and honesty. This was also the time when IT was playing a more and more important role.  Doris was very capable indeed in this area and her offers of help and support to those of us less able were unstinting and generous. Education suffered a loss when she retired and those of us who knew her suffer a much greater sense of loss now. – I Cartwright

No words can express how sad I was to hear the tragic news.  I worked with Doris for over 20 years and she was a wonderful colleague. As many have already said, very committed to all her students and passionate about the subjects she taught.  I will always remember her lovely smile.  Rest in peace Doris, never to be forgotten. 

Andrea Rose

Doris was a friend and colleague throughout my years on the staff at Queen Mary’s High School. She inspired me to learn so much outside my subject area, particularly in gardening as well as the Classics. She has been a great support and roll model since retiring. I have always greatly admired her academic abilities together with her positive attitude to life. She is, and will be, greatly missed by myself and all who knew her.
Joyce Jones.

Miss Post was such a dedicated, passionate and inspiring MFL teacher.  I feel very blessed to have witnessed and experienced first-hand her enthusiasm for languages during my time at QM.  Miss Post’s unwavering encouragement, positivity and warmth shone through during her lessons; it’s little surprise that Spanish (followed closely by French) was my favourite subject!  Miss Post (together with other members of the MFL department) undoubtedly shaped my future in a very positive way, indeed.  I’d dreamed of pursuing a career using languages for half of my school life, and thanks to teachers like Miss Post, I’m thrilled to say that this dream became real.  I now use languages as part of my job on a daily basis, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m so thankful to Miss Post for always pushing me to go that bit further, and for believing in my abilities (at times when I often didn’t).  God bless and may you rest in peace, Miss Post.

S Foster (formerly Jennings) – class of 96 

As former head girl and one of Miss Post’s ex-students, I felt compelled to write to you when I heard the awful news of her passing.

I was so deeply saddened by this news that I felt the need to share a personal tribute to what can only be described as a truly wonderful teacher.

Miss Post taught one of the lessons on my very first day at Queen Mary’s, back in 1994. Spanish, 7G.

I had never learnt a language before and had no idea what to expect when this fresh faced teacher with a guitar in her hand sat in front of us. She immediately started speaking to us in Spanish. I had no idea what was going on but, in a matter of minutes, her infectious smile and enthusiasm helped me to understand that she would be teaching us the alphabet with a song. By the end of the lesson, I could not only sing the alphabet in Spanish but I had also learnt how to say ¡Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas? and Me llamo Nicky. My passion for languages had begun.

In addition to her talent for teaching languages, Miss Post also opened my eyes about how such knowledge could be applied – a young German woman living in England and teaching Spanish. What richness languages could bring to your life!

I owe so much to the education and experience I received at Queen Mary’s and, together with all the other amazing teachers I had, Miss Post played a special role in that. She helped fuel my passion for languages, which is what drove me to go on and study German and Italian at university, and her example is one of the reasons I had the confidence to take the plunge and move abroad, first to Germany during my undergraduate studies and then to Italy after graduation. 

I have now been living in Italy for 16 years, I am raising trilingual children and I recently began my dream job as English translator for the Italian Prime Minister. A journey that began with a few guitar chords strummed by such a talented teacher all those years ago.

So thank you Miss Post, danke schön y muchas gracias for all that you gave me and so many other students that were lucky enough to have you as their teacher. You will be dearly missed.

With warmest regards,

Nicola Vann

I was privileged to have known Doris as a friend for around forty years. She was a remarkable woman. Teacher, musician, dedicated walker and a loyal friend. She was also very funny, self-deprecating, and I miss more than words can express. The world is an emptier place with her passing.


Much love,

Phil Palmer.

To Doris Post – My friend

Words fail me!

We started teaching at Q.M.H.S. almost at the same time; we soon became friends and had our first meal together with Lynda and Joyce Jones at your house. That was when I discovered your eclectic taste in life. You loved Music, Art, the Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Gardening and gardens. You showed tremendous love of nature and you shared these with me. You introduced me to David Austin’s Rose Gardens, Hodnet Hall Gardens in Shropshire which I am yet to visit. You shared your musical abilities with me as we worked together, you sang in my choir, you never failed to stay behind to help me clear up after the school’s prize giving and speech evening; we shared academic gowns and hoods at these occasions because we had one similar musical qualification. You were extremely helpful when I was robbed inside Cologne Cathedral in Germany. They took everything including my passport. You were prepared to escort me to Berlin in order to acquire some travel papers but luckily my bag was recovered with everything in it minus my money. Being your native country, you swung into action in order to help. Throughout the pandemic lockdowns, we kept in touch, but little did I know that you will be snatched away in such an untimely way.

I am full of anger and rage at your demise but my Christian Faith teaches me otherwise.

To the living, you are gone,

To the sorrowful, you will never return,

To the angry, you were cheated.

But to the happy, you are at peace,

And to the faithful, you have not left.

You cannot speak, but you can listen,

You cannot be seen, but you can be heard,

So as I stand upon a shore

Gazing at a beautiful sea,

As I look upon a flower and admire its simplicity,

As I listen to a piece of music and think upon its beauty

I will remember you in my heart, my thoughts and my memories

For I know if I always think of you,

You will always be near.                                                                                                                                (adapted)

May God’s Holy Angels attend you and may your gentle soul Rest In Peace.     

Your friend, Ladi Merriman-Johnson

Doris was one in a million. Genuinely kind, full of joy, bright and the most helpful, generous person I ever had the chance to meet. A great teacher, colleague and above all a wonderful friend who will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Rip Doris x

Hélène Lovell

“I was privileged to know Doris first as my Year 7 form tutor in 1995, then two further spells as my Year 10 and 11 form tutor, as my German teacher from Year 7 and in several subsequent years until A-level. Many years later, we became colleagues and, I’m pleased to say, friends. Through her I discovered my love of the German language and it became a central part of my career.

Despite me working in a temporary post to cover a maternity leave at my beloved QMHS, Doris listened to and valued my input into the delivery of German, and was quite simply, utterly kind and gentle. I truly admired her approach to life: full of activity and contentment, and strive to attain the same in my own journey through existence.
With fondness,
Sophie McPhee (née Houlston), QMHS 1995-2002″

I had the pleasure and privilege of being taught German by Miss Post when I was a student at QM and I’ll never forget her invaluable lessons nor the way she taught with such enthusiasm, including all her little quirks from the laser pointer that she’d use to point out verb tables on the wall to the rhymes she taught us to remember German cases, and the bright and cheery “hello!” she’d call out whenever she’d pass by on her bicycle. I am indebted to her for fostering my love of languages and always having such confidence in me. Ruhe in Frieden, Miss Post. Vielen Dank.

I worked with Doris from 1999 to 2008 in the Languages Department, she was passionate about languages and opportunities to share cultural experiences. She was incredibly committed to the life of the school and worked hard to ensure that all students could achieve their best. As a colleague she always took an interest in others and offered support where it was needed, you never had to ask. Doris was warm and funny, she loved exploring new places and the day to day pleasures of life. Rest peacefully, Doris. 

J. Rutherford