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Proposed Merger between Q3 Academies Trust and The Mercian Trust

We are pleased to announce that the Regional Schools Commissioner has approved the proposal for
a merger between the Q3 Academies Trust and the Mercian Trust.

RSC staff have worked with staff from both trusts this term and confirmed that the skills, knowledge
and capacity are in place to complete the merger, and that both trusts will be in a stronger position
as a result of the merger.

We anticipate that the merger will be formally completed within this current academic year. The
merger will not affect school uniforms or school names. We can also confirm that school start and
finish times will remain the same.

Mercian and Q3 schools have begun working more closely together this year to provide quality
assurance and school to school support, and we are already seeing the positive impact of this.

We truly believe that students and staff will benefit from being part of a larger family of schools, and
we are committed to working together to increase opportunities and improve outcomes for
students in our area.


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