Late Applications

Parents may still apply for their daughter to sit our test by completing the online registration form below.

We ask that you refer to our Admissions Policy  in particular section 5 (extract shown below) which relates specifically to late applications.

All late applications will receive a ‘late applications form’ allowing you to state the reason for the late application. This will be considered by the Governors to determine whether if it is considered to be exceptional, or not. By definition, most reasons will not be exceptional. These candidates will be tested in our late test which will take place in March 2022. Girls who perform well in the late test will still have the opportunity to be allocated a place at the school from our waiting list so we encourage you to apply and to put us on your LA CAF form.

QMHS Online Registration Form 2022

Admissions policy extract:

5. Late applications.

“Late” applications are those where the parents of a candidate have not registered with the School by 4.00 p.m.
on 8 July 2021, even if an application is made to the Local Authority by 31 October. The School deals with such
applications in this way:

a) Those received after 4.00 p.m. on 8 July 2021 but before 1 February 2022 AND where there are
exceptional circumstances that are outside the control of the applicant (such as moving into the area,
or the long-term serious illness of a parent). The Governors will normally expect such applications to
be accompanied by appropriate evidence. The decision concerning whether circumstances are
“exceptional” will be delegated to a panel of Governors and is final.

If the circumstances are exceptional, the application will be treated as being in time. The School will
arrange to test the candidate at an appropriate time, after which they will be placed in the order of

b) Those received after 4.00 p.m. 8 July 2021 but before 1 February 2022 BUT are not exceptional, and all
those which are received after 31 January 2022.

In these cases, candidates will be tested and placed at an appropriate point in the order of merit only
after all the offers of places have been made. This order of merit will then be the waiting list referred
to in section 6 below, and places allocated accordingly. Such candidates will, therefore, only be offered
a place if a vacancy should occur.

In both cases, arrangements will be made for those candidates to be tested (though not necessarily on the same
papers as were taken on the appointed day of the Test). Please note, however, that such candidates may be at
a disadvantage because of the standardisation by way of age or if alternative papers are used for the Test.