Queen Mary’s High School Governing Body

The School is part of the Mercian Trust, a multi-academy trust, which was incorporated on 1st January 2018.

Visit the Mercian Trust Website here

Following the formation of the Mercian Trust, the Trustees established Local Governing Boards (LGBs) for each of its Schools and which serve as committees of the Mercian Trust Board.

The role of the LGB includes:

  • Day to day oversight of the running of the School in terms of learning, standards, safety and well-being and the general provision of pastoral care.
  • Implementation of the Trust’s vision, policies and priorities.
  • Holding the School’s leadership team to account for academic performance.
  • Supporting the Trust Board and its other sub-committees in relation to the proper use of funds and the delivery of high quality educational provision.
  • To advise and act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Headteacher and to inform the Trust Board of any issues at the School which may require their consideration.
  • To provide support to the Leadership Team at the School by facilitating disciplinary and complaint procedures.

The membership of the LGB is set out in the Mercian Trust’s Terms of Reference and which is approved by the Board from time to time.

LGB Membership shall include:

  • At least 2 parent members.
  • At least 2 staff members.
  • The Headteacher.
  • Up to 4 members as may be appointed by the Mercian Board of Trustees.
  • Up to 3 members as may be co-opted by the LGB subject to Trust approval.
  • Such a number of members appointed by the Queen Mary’s Foundation Charity and which shall outnumber all of the members in all of the other categories by one.

The details below are of the Members of the Mercian Trust, the Mercian Trustees and of the LGB. The attendances are for the last academic year and the details of the LGB resignations are those that occurred in the last 12 months. The LGB has no additional committees except for Admissions, Staffing, Student Discipline, Pay, Headteacher’s Review and Complaints. These are convened when required.

Details of Members of the Mercian Trust from 1.1.18.

Mr. John Punch – Chair – Appointed 1.1.18.
Mrs. Vivian Fairbank – Member – Appointed 1.1.18.
Mr. David Lomax – Member -Appointed 1.1.18.
Mr. Philip Powell – Member – Appointed 1.1.18.
Mr. John Vallance – Member – Appointed 1.1.18.

Details of the Mercian Trustees.

Mr Kevin Davis -Chair.
Ms Rebecca Hearsey-Vice-Chair.
Mrs Jane Bonner – Trustee.
Ms Melanie Crooks – Trustee.
Mr Paul Lee – Trustee.
The Reverend Beverley Boden – Trustee.
Mr Mark Harland – Trustee.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Gary Hickinbottom – Trustee.
Dr David Oloke – Trustee.
Mr Roland Roberts- Trustee.
Mr Eddie Stride – Trustee.

Further details relating to both Mercian Members and Mercian Trustees are available on the Mercian Trust Website and which may be accessed using the link above.

Details of Members of the LGB.

Details of the Local Governing Board

Name Appointed Term of Office Category Attendance 2020-21 Relevant business interest Relationships with school staff. Other Governorships.


Timothy Normanton


1.1.22 31.12.25 Foundation Governor 9/9 None None None
Benjamin Adams 1.1.22 31.12.25 Staff Governor 7/7 None Member of Staff St Peter and Paul Primary School, Lichfield.
Alexandra Birch

Link Governor for SEND and Safeguarding.

1.1.22 31.12.25 Foundation Governor 6/8 None None Cheslyn Hay Primary School.
Julie Bridgett 4.9.20 3.9.24 Foundation Governor 5/5 Mercian Trust Business Manager None None
Mary Jones

Link Governor for Health and Safety.

16.10.19 15.10.23 Foundation Governor 6/6 None None None
Laurence Shore

Link Governor for Pupil Premium.

16.10.19 15.10.23 Foundation Governor 5/6 Trustee of the Walsall Society for the Blind. None None
Dr Alison Bruton Head Teacher Ex Officio 8/8 None Member of Staff Fibbersley Park Primary School, Wolverhampton.
Jo York 06.12.21 05.12.25 Staff Governor 3/5 None Member of Staff None


Governor Resignations.

Ms. Rebecca Hearsey:  Resigned 31.8.19

Jason Russon: Resigned 31.12.21