Computing and IT

215Computing and ICT is fundamental to participation and engagement in today’s society and that of the future.

The increasing use of technology in all aspects of life means we must ensure that our students are confident, competent and independent users of ICT with the ability to adapt to and adopt new systems easily.  Students appreciate that ICT technologies can be used by everyone within the school and wider communities.

The government have placed great importance of the development of computing skills.  Learning to program shows resilience and problem solving skills as well as a logic and enquiring mind.  Our school curriculum places a high priority on computer programming and computer theory.
To achieve this, the Computing department at Queen Mary’s aims to:
  • Provide the knowledge, confidence and understanding to solve problems and make decisions

We aim to develop students’ ability to:

  • Become independent learners
  • Evaluate their approach in order to inform future decisions
  • Gather, select, produce and process a variety of types of information
  • Work safely, being aware of the issues surrounding e-safety
The department has 3 specialist rooms.
At Queen Mary’s all students will have the equivalent of one lesson of Computing per week during key stage 3.  In year 9 students follow aspects of GCSE Computer Science in order to both stretch them and to give an insight into the course which is available as an option in year 10.
In 2015 91% of GCSE Computing students gained an A/A* grade.
A level Computer Science is also an option subject for sixth form students, introduced in September 2015.