art2Have you ever asked yourself what it means to be creative? You may say ‘talent’, ‘skill’ or ‘gifted’. Here at Queen Mary’s High School the Art Department believes the answer to that question should include motivation, enthusiasm and self belief, being open minded and free thinking.

Art education contributes to the development of the whole person, intellectually, creatively, aesthetically, socially, emotionally and physically. It allows for the personal exploration and expression of feelings, as well as a vehicle for observing and interpreting the world about us.

art3The Art Department aims to encourage our students to gain confidence, achieve their potential whilst raising their standards of attainment. We encourage students to develop their expressive and technical skills through the use of a wide variety of materials. Student’s application and understanding of the work of artists, art movements and other cultures forms an important and integral part of all of our teaching.

It is through a balanced Art curriculum, where students are offered a broad variety of experiences covering ‘explore and create’, and ‘understand and evaluate’, that the students begin to appreciate the relevance of what they are achieving in relation to their own development and their environment.

art1The Art curriculum enables a student to continue to progress, building up a greater vocabulary, knowledge of skills, materials and a critical awareness as the programme becomes more demanding. Through evaluation students realise this progression and this in itself is an integral part of the learning process.

As well as delivering the National Curriculum for Art in Key Stage 3, the Department offers GCSE Art and Design (Fine Art) at Key Stage 4 and AS/A2 Art and Design (Fine Art) at Key Stage 5. The Department has two dedicated art rooms both fully equipped to teach the curriculum requirements: drawing, painting, multi-media, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics.

The Department contributes to wider school life by running workshops in Activity Week and Enrichment afternoons, regularly displaying student work around school, taking students to galleries and museums, producing art work on ‘location’ and arranging for students to work with professional artists. The Art Department also runs an Art Club for Key Stage 3 students, which meets on a weekly basis.

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What Our Students Do

What Our Students Say

‘I have really enjoyed art since I’ve been at Queen Mary’s and I haven’t been the best at it but I have learned a lot of skills whilst being in my art lessons. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed art and I’m going to miss the subject!’
Yr 9 student

‘I am extremely proud and pleased with the outcome of my work and succeeding in this has made me feel more positive about my art.’
Year 8 student

‘I have enjoyed doing Art for the last two years and it has been one of my favourite subjects.’
Year 11 GCSE student

I enjoyed the chance to work with many materials and learn many techniques that were never available to me before. The projects we do cater for everybody’s different skills.’
Year 11 GCSE student

‘I love Art at Queen Mary’s because it is a chance to express yourself and the Art Staff are really easy to talk to and give good advice.’
Year 13 A Level student

‘Over the years Art lessons have helped change my outlook of Art and there have been things that have challenged but helped to develop my ability.’
Year 13 A Level student