Admissions Appeals Timetable 2022

Admission Appeals Timetable – Year 7

(Admission appeal process for Year 7 entry in September 2022 for places allocated on the national
notification date of 1 March 2022).
Parents have the right to appeal against the decision to refuse their child a place at the School. No
appeal can be lodged before the 1 March 2022.
Appeal forms can be obtained below or from the Clerk to the Governors, who will deal with all appeals
lodged in time, and with late appeals lodged prior to 31 May 2022:

Mr David Milne
Clerk to the Governors

Wallace Crooke
20 Birmingham Road


Appeals must be sent to the Clerk to the Governors by the closing date 3.00 p.m. Thursday 31st March

Do not send appeals to your Local Authority.

At least 10 days’ notice will be given advising the date of the appeal (usually heard in May or early
June on a date to be arranged).

Any additional evidence must be provided to the Clerk to the Governors no later than 5 school days
before the appeal hearing so it can be sent to the appeal panel.

Where possible, decision letters will be sent out within 5 school days of the last day of appeal hearings.

Appeal Form QMHS Appeal Application
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